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Simply OpEx, a globally renowned leader in Operational Excellence solutions. With a track record of delivering over £150 million in improvement savings, Simply OpEx has propelled businesses of all sizes to unparalleled success across the world.

We provide simplistic, effective business support, from creating a bespoke Lean academy, through to knowledge sharing of Lean tools. Our coaching, mentoring & training workshops embrace the learning through ‘The kirkpatrick model’ (Reaction, learning, behaviour & results). Engaging with people & their processes on an agreed OpEx roadmap journey, to improve profitability.

Through collaboration, we will achieve more, and gain trust.

Driving results through operational excellence

Simply OpEx will support you in your business strategy, setting the scene for goals using simplistic tools. Together, creating a bespoke simple roadmap, that engages your business teams and their leaders, enabling everyone to gain success. 

Engaging to empower all, gaining People’s trust along your OpEx journey for self sustaining new habits, that the teams form along the way.

We focus on people and your business processes, to enable your key performance results to improve. We deep dive into the data using engagement methods that form the daily activities, embedding OpEx  methodology throughout the journey. 

We ask ‘why’ & “what if” constantly through daily engagement with everyone. We generously give daily feedback to ensure growth of people.

Simply OpEx


Avoids complexity from fear driven peer pressure environments.


Starting with trust, we behave constantly in a manner that attracts others trust, to create long term relationships.


We are transparent in our actions, decisions and communications with all people we work with.


Committed and dedicated to all work carried out at our customers, at all times.


We take responsibility and we are accountable for all our actions, respecting the wishes of our customers.

Our Vision

"To be globally recognised as the peoples choice for; business OpEx deployment, Improving behaviours, changing habits, improving results along the 'Simply OpEx' way"

Our mission

"Simply OpEx will engage with Global businesses to provide ROI through their people, process improvements, gaining better results each time"

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Savings quantified to date across the globe, in many industries of business.

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Proudly working with over 100+ companies across the globe.

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Over 30+ years of delivering OpEx, engaging with People.

About us

Our founder, Ian, brings a wealth of experience cultivated through extensive global engagements spanning diverse industries such as MOD, Healthcare, Heavy Engineering, FMCGs, Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, Food Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices. From small and medium enterprises to large corporations, Ian’s expertise resonates at every level, from shop floor employees to CEOs and Managing Directors, through immersive workshop activities.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of results, Ian’s dynamic personality infuses every interaction with energy and effectiveness. Renowned for being both ‘incredible’ and ‘easy to get along with,’ Ian embodies the ethos of Simply OpEx. 

At Simply OpEx, people are our priority. Through meticulously measured outcomes and a commitment to delivering guaranteed ROI, we prioritise the success and satisfaction of our clients.

Headquartered in the picturesque Cotswold area of Gloucestershire, UK, Simply OpEx operates on a global scale, ready to transform businesses wherever they may be.

People are your greatest asset

Case studies from the past 30+ years

Case Study 01

Process optimisation. Using DMAIC Six sigma. OTIF deliveries not being met for internal and external customers. Conducted line study assessment, identification of root cause; poor OEE. Feedback given to SLT, engineering dept and general manager. 3 months project. Results - Improved OTIF KPi from 35% to 99%.

Case Study 02

Culture change for a UK family owned pharmaceutical business. Tiered meetings from level 1 to level 4 implemented through engagement practices and coaching for SLT members and general manager.This resulted in £2m backorders reduced to zero within 4 months.

Case Study 03

Process optimisation. Global Medical device manufacturer. Increase the parts output. Bottle neck in process. Improved output from a quantifiable 500k to 4 million to assist the flow of the assembly lines, improving on several lean wastes. This was identified from high speed video analysis, of in-line machinery. 

Case Study 04

SMED activities carried out for production line at BCM in the UK. Identified change over was taking 210 minutes. With the team, identified areas for internal and external opportunities and agreed implementation of new ways of working. Change over improved to 45 minutes.

Case Study 05

12 month Project for large wooden window frame and door manufacturer in UK and Europe. Employed, trained each individual in six sigma to green belt standards. Managed 15 performance excellence drivers, across 15 manufacturing sites. (5 UK, 10 Europe), each PEX Driver owning 4 projects per wave of 12 weeks. Projects defined from the maturity assessment. Total of 180 projects, capturing quantified savings of €24m in 12 months.

Case Study 06

P&L improvement for a large global poultry processing business based in the UK. VSM carried out that identified areas for improvement. This resulted in streamlining production lines. Agency labour saving of a quantified £1.8m per year.

Case Study 07

Process optimisation of an automotive assembly line in tier 3 supplier, for a world class global automotive manufacturer. Reduction in operating hours across the week identified with line studies and SLT engagement. Reduced operations from 24/7 to 16/5. Reduction of agency labour saving a quantified £1.2m per year.

Case Study 08

Planning attainment improvement for a large global pump manufacturer in UK. Through line studies, assessments identified opportunities for labour utilisation & reduction in agency. Coaching, training for planning attainment improvement. Successfully achieved and quantified 17% to 84%. Also, QCD KPi's improved.

Case Study 09

P&L business improvement within large global medical device manufacturer in UK. Inventory reduction reduced by a quantifiable £6m of stock holding, identified from VSM workshop.

Case Study 10

P&L improvement for large global medical device manufacturer within the UK. Off-site 3PL storage removed saving a quantifiable £1.2m per year, identified from VSM workshop

Case Study 11

Successfully deployed 6S workplace organisation, across a Global Medical Device manufacturing site in the UK. Resulting in H&S,E awareness improvement through ownership, daily auditing, SLT engagement activities. 

Case Study 12

  • Successful engagement from coaching to high level executive leaders, across many industry sectors, including M.O.D. with quantifiable feedback on their own journals. Project management improvements for missed dates, cost savings and delivery targets achieved. 
Rolls Royce
Jaguar Range Rover
Owen Mumford
Walgreens Boots
CEL Group
Pera International
BAE Systems
Moy Park
Jeld Wen

What others say

“I had the privilege of working with Ian during my time as Head of program management. The excellent performance of his various project teams was a reflection of his hard work, leadership and enthusiasm. He is a great motivator who leads by example and persists to deliver the best results.

His broad knowledge and experience in Operational Excellence and Lean practices were of huge value to the business. Ian successfully implemented a number of improvement projects to support day to day production, supply chain and engineering activities, representing significant cost savings and increased engagement of employees across the operational network.”

Head of Program Management. 

“Firstly, I just want to thank you for your support throughout the OpEx deployment, it has been a pleasure working with you and your team. I think Simply OpEx have great engaging skills and coaching abilities that really standout, and without Simply Opex coaches on this deployment, I personally think we would not have been so successful. This was down to the following;

1 your approach

2 – Trust

3 – Positivity

4 – Listening first

5 – Skillset

I believe Simply OpEx’s approach and skill set in the OpEx field, make you standout. Your knowledge was outstanding and the way you adapted to the our ways of working to support & build OpEx into our working day, is admirable.

Senior Leader – BAE Systems


I just want to talk through my personal journey;

Ian, you have become part of the team. From day one I had a really good feeling about you and your support throughout this OpEx deployment has been exemplary. You have helped set me and the team up for success moving forward, this deployment has not been easy, with multiple stakeholders pulling us off in different direction, but I know we have hit our first milestone. I believe I have changed and I am almost certain you think I have too. You have enabled me to trust in my abilities and set a clear structure to my working day. I feel that I have the tools to develop myself which will result in me supporting the team to the best of my abilities. We are all winners!”

Senior Leader – BAE Systems

More feedback upon request

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